In the name of Allah Most Compassionate Most Merciful


Allah (swt) tells us: “He is the one who made you khalifahs (vicegerents, stewards, guardians) of the earth” (6:165).

Letter to Mosque/Islamic Center Leaders
Dear Mosque/Islamic Center Leader:
There is no denial that the climate change and environmental degradation is an existential threat to our planet. Scientific studies continuously draw our attention to the perils of global warning. Paris Climate accord has been the recognition of the dire consequences, especially to the people in countries with little resources.
In August 2015, Muslim scholars meeting in Istanbul issued “Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change” which highlights the consequences of humanity’s massive exploitation of Earth. The declaration calls upon Muslims to tackle the habits, mindset and root causes of climate change, environmental degradation, and loss of biodiversity wherever they can in order to resolve these issues.
Realizing our responsibility towards the preservation and conservation of environment ISNA in December 21014 established ISNA Green Initiative (Formerly known as Green Masjid Task Force) to create environmental awareness, guide mosques/Islamic centers towards environmentally friendly actions, and promote sustainable practices. Since 2015 ISNA Green Initiative have been conducting “Greening Our Ramadan” campaign to encourage environmentally friendly practices.
I request that this Ramadan let us live up to our responsibility as caretakers of the earth and join in the ISNA efforts to adopt environmentally friendly practices. I earnestly request that your mosque/Islamic Center join in “Greening our Ramadan Campaign”. Let us all work together to reduce our carbon footprint. Have a blessed Ramadan.
Sayyid M. Sayeed
President Islamic Society of North America

Green Ramadan Campaign Registration

In view of the extraordinary situation this Ramadan will be observed at home. ISNA Green Initiative Team is requesting making Ramadan Green at home. Please Register so that a tree can be planted at a deserving place on behalf of you Masjid/Islamic Center.
ISNA Green Initiative Team requests you to accomplish at least 5 items from the following:

  • Reduce food waste and over consumption
  • Reduce and recycle
  • Eliminate or reduce the use of plastic water bottles
  • Adopt reusable water bottle or mug
  • Eliminate the use of Styrofoam products
  • Use degradable paper plates and cups for serving food and drinks
  • Conserve water including during wudu
  • Conserve energy, change to LED lights, and install smart temperature control systems
  • At least deliver one Khutba on the Islamic imperative to conserve and protect the environment or a virtual lecture
  • Involve children in age appropriate Ramadan activities
  • Perform social good activities in the at-large outside community

The most achieving Masajid/Islamic Centers will be recognized based upon the registration of their members.

    Green Coordinator Information (optional)

    Submit your results after Ramadan here. Make sure to include your name, email and phone number. Attachments must be in pdf, doc, docx or xls format.