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Program Manager, ISNA Office For Interfaith & Community Alliances (IOICA)

Job Type:       Full Time
Reports to:     Executive Director
Location:        110 Maryland Ave. NE, Suite 101, Washington D.C. 20002
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field and over three years of experience
  • Experienced in working with diverse religious and ethnic organizations in a pluralistic setting
  • Demonstrated integrity and credibility in dealing with others
  • Ability to take initiative in developing innovative projects
  • Ability to prioritize, and on-time delivery of agreed deliverables
  • Ensuring that information about programs and activities are communicated in effective and visible ways to the public
  • Experienced in building coalitions
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, both written and oral
  • Computer Literacy – MS Office Suite, Google Suit

Job description: 

Interfaith and Community Alliances:
  • Oversees ISNA’s ongoing interfaith projects and maintains close contact with our interfaith alliances and project- based partners.
  • Coordinates ongoing communications and outreach to ISNA’s inter-religious partners and strategic outreach organizations.
  • Participates in Interfaith events, meetings and dialogues.
  • Interfaith related grant applications and ensure the compliance with grantor’s requirements and other applicable standards for grant implementation.
  • Provides technical support on interfaith dialogue to Muslim communities across the nation in order to promote dynamics and innovative interfaith dialogue experiences.
  • Prioritize ISNA’s interfaith relations and create new alliances based on the overall organizational vision as regard to interfaith partnerships and cooperation.
  • Develops and maintain strong collaborative relationship with leaders in other community organizations and faith institutions.
Government Relations:
  • Directs and organizes joint events and various programs with different government departments and agencies.
  • Builds strong relations with key contacts in various government agencies and serves as a resource for them in their outreach to Muslim communities across the nation.
  • Maintains and informs ISNA’s leadership about latest government projects related to Muslim communities.
  • Serves as principle liaison for ISNA with administration officials and counterparts from other non-governmental organizations.
  • Identify opportunities and develop strategies for engagement with government projects.
  • Coordinates and implements government’s appeals to Muslim communities to participate in particular project.
  • Attends meetings, briefings, events, and conferences organized by government. In some cases, arranges and leads such initiatives.
  • Connects government agencies with community leaders and organizations at grassroots as well as facilitate Muslim professional organizations access to federal government services.
  • Plans and coordinates government speaking engagement and participation in ISNA’s conventions, conferences and special events.
Community Outreach:
  • Serves as Liaison for ISNA with the National Muslim religious and professional organizations.
  • Develops relationships with community-based organizations.
  • Maintains relationship and collaboration with key Muslim community leaders and Islamic centers across the country in order to provide access to ISNA’s programs and services.
  • Brings under-represented Muslim communities closer to ISNA’s platform through involvement and participation in ISNA’s sponsored and coordinated programs.
  • Develops community relationships and maintain cooperative relationship with other similar agencies.
  • Performs a variety of miscellaneous duties including making arrangements for local leaders to speak at national events.
  • Targets participation with community based organizations that result in increased positive visibility for and understanding of ISNA’s overall vision.
Special Events and Fundraising:
  • Develops and implements unique special events within the parameters of ISNA’s goals and priorities.
  • Creates and adheres to project budget and timelines for special events.
  • Directs and organize miscellaneous special events as determined by ISNA’s leadership.
  • Creates new fundraising strategies related to special events.
  • Develops and carry out recruitment plans for event participants to ensure higher level of participation.
  • Major donors/ participant’s relations. This means developing goals and objectives for donors.
  • Creates new techniques to fundraise for new project or special events.
  • Directs and manages all special events that fall out of IOICA annual action plan.
  • Supervises the submission of request for grant proposals and look for new grants to support IOICA projects and services.
Management of the IOICA Office in Washington D.C.:
  • Organizes and supervises the ISNA Office for interfaith and community alliances in Washington DC.
  • Ensures the flow of communications with the headquarters.
  • Provides leadership in developing programs, organizational and financial plans in collaboration with the executive director.
  • Develops and ensures the implementation of the IOICA action plan and administer its budget.
  • Ensures timely and effective implementation of the IOICA’s activities, including administrative requirements.
  • Provides regular reports to the executive director.

Fund Development Coordinator

Job Type:       Full Time
Reports to:     Executive Director
Location:        ISNA HQ, 6555 South 750 East, Plainfield, Indiana
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field with experience in fund development and fundraising
Computer Literacy: MS Office Suite, Google Suite, Basic Databases, Blackbaud/ Raiser’s Edge
Proven experience as a Fund Development manager
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Problem solving skills
Job description:  
  • Planning, coordinating, and implementing fundraising activities
  • Setting and achieving fundraising goals
  • Special event coordination like banquets and galas for fundraising
  • Coordination of annual fundraising appeals
  • Planned Giving and Major Gifts
  • Budget development and management
  • Promotion of fundraising events using various marketing techniques
  • Setting and achieving fundraising goals
  • Coordinate all aspects of fundraising events and activities including planning and execution
  • Experience in grant writing
  • Donor relations and cultivation