What can give you power to stay grounded as you move through the challenges of life? What is the thing that can keep you in a state of gratitude at all times? How can you adopt and maintain a zoomed out perspective that allows for judgements and reflections to be made without emotions clouding your rational thoughts?It is a sound heart. Al-qalb al-saleem. A sound heart is free from any blemish, illness, or issue. It recognizes life for what it is: a test for the believer, a place to worship and to practice patience while the promise of happiness awaits in the hereafter. But while many of us focus on how to keep our physical bodies healthy, we pay little attention to what it means to have a healthy, sound heart.

This week-long camp will allow campers to explore the foundations of tazkiyah, or purification of the heart, and the signs, symptoms, and cures of some of the most common and most detrimental spiritual diseases. Join us to take a deep dive on this essential prophetic practice and cultivate your consciousness and character, spirituality, and morality as Young Muslims in America.

Upcoming Summer Camp Dates:

Mid Atlantic – July 23 to 29 – Camp Sequanota in Pennsylvania
Midwest – July 30 to Aug 5 – Camp Rancho Framasa in Indiana
Pacific – July 30 to Aug 5 – Camp Sequoia Lake in California
North Central  – July 30 to Aug 5 – Camp Whitcomb/Mason in Wisconsin
South Central – July 30 to Aug 5 – Camp Grady Spruce in Texas
South Atlantic – July 30 to Aug 5 – Wahsega 4-H Centre in Georgia
ISNA’s Youth development is the summation of all efforts put towards ensuring the next generation is
prepared, enabled, and primed to make tomorrow better than today! ISNA’s Youth Development Department, YouthDev for short, is a team of subject matter experts in the field of Youth Work.
From 26 years of experience, to a Masters in Positive Youth Development, to a MYNA officer turned staffer to a mental health and non-profit finance graduate, to a part time marketing youth turned pro, the YouthDev staff have exactly what it takes to craft successful purposeful programs and platforms for youth to achieve success.
The YouthDev team work on multiple platforms to commit to their vision. They include the Center for Positive Youth Development, the Community Youth Consultancy Program, and most famous of all The Muslim Youth of North America. The oldest and only national for-the-youth, by-the-youth program!

What MYNA Means To Our Youth.

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