There are different ways of giving to ISNA that not only give you the satisfaction of seeking Allah’s reward, but also multiply in the hands of your non-profit Islamic organization. If you wish to make a Planned Gift to ISNA, you have several options to choose from, such as a charitable bequest or a charitable annuity. In addition, as a donor, you are entitled to a tax deduction. Therefore, give as much as you can, and ISNA will help you select the type of giving that allows you to maximize your tax deductions.
ISNA welcomes your inquiries, which are held in strict confidence, and stands ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact ISNA at 317-839-8157, or if you prefer, email Sandra Moore at We encourage you always to consult with your own attorney or trusted advisor, as well.
The steps you can take include:
  • Establish an estate plan, and include ISNA among your beneficiaries:
  • Update your existing estate plan to include ISNA;
  • Let us know if you have already included ISNA in your estate plan, or if you intend to do so;
  • Call us with any questions you may have about how to proceed.


For more information, please contact Sandra Moore by email at