ISNA and Hagia Sophia

ISNA is a national umbrella organization of Muslims in America that represents the true diversity of America and Muslims. We are proud of our broad and rich variety of views, schools of thought, political positions and experiences. Our policy as an organization is not to be involved in controversial international issues, therefore ISNA did not issue a statement regarding the recent development pertaining to Hagia Sophia.

My recent reflection about the conversion of the Hagia Sophia back to a mosque was aimed to engage a specific circle of intellectuals in theological discussion in light of our rich Islamic history. Hence, it was not an official statement of ISNA as an organization, and ISNA’s Board adheres to a formal policy of non-involvement and not take any official position on this matter.

Those who are interested in looking at different views can easily find a detailed analyses done by scholars, experts and people of different affiliations.