West Coast Education Forum Call for Proposals


January 18-19, 2019 Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa 3050 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Teaching Values to Empower Students


You are invited to submit a proposal for the 8th Annual ISNA West Coast Education Forum. This gathering promotes excellence in education for Islamic schools and provides an exceptional experience in professional development, networking, and thoughtful leadership. Board members, administrators, and teachers are invited to develop their skills, share their knowledge, and form collaborative relationships. As concerned education professionals, we regard the transmission of values and ethics to be a priority, and we seek to empower students’ voices and ownership of their education to become our future leaders. The Program Committee will review proposals that incorporate as many of the following elements:
  • Feature a presenter with expertise addressing the proposed topic
  • Are based on or supported by current research
  • Touch upon the conference theme
  • Cultivate leadership skills
  • Are interactive and engaging
  • Incorporate case examples
  • Provides solutions with hands-on application
  • Benefit a wide range of audiences for schools that are operating at various stages of growth/development.
Sessions are 75 minutes in length and are open to all conference participants, with audience sizes ranging from 25-40. A good session covers one topic in depth, rather than giving an overview of many topics.

SUGGESTED TOPICS (Not Inclusive List)

  • Best Practices for Board Development
  • Data-Driven Growth
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Empowering and Sustaining Your Staff
  • Impactful Communication Among All Stakeholders
Islamic Studies & Character Building
  • Authentic and Relevant Islamic Studies Instruction
  • Effective Teaching Strategies for the Islamic Studies Class
  • Internalizing Islamic Values
  • Moving from Theory to Practice: Living as a Model Muslim Citizen
  • Enriching an Authentic Arabic Classroom
  • From Teacher-Centered to Student-Centered Classes
  • Incorporating Effective Strategies in Teaching Arabic
  • Interactive Arabic Classroom
  • Qur’anic Understanding: Reaching the Highest Level of Comprehending an Arabic Text
Curriculum & Instruction
  • Assessing and Addressing the Needs of Special Needs Students
  • Best Practices in Differentiated Instruction
  • Conducting Inter-faith and Intra-faith Activities & Dialogue
  • Data-Driven Academic Growth
  • Implementing Cross-Curricular Collaboration
  • Inquiry-Based Instruction/Critical Thinking
  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math)
  • Student-centered classrooms
  • Teaching Civil Discourse
  • Technology Resources and Integration

Important Dates:

Monday, October 15, 2018   Deadline to Submit Abstracts and Proposals Online Monday, December 3, 2018 Deadline to Submit Completed Paper and Bibliography


Proposals must be submitted electronically using the Electronic Proposal Submission Form. Please do not e-mail or snail-mail your proposal to ISNA Education Forum. If you have difficulty with the Proposal Submission Form, please contact ISNA at programs@isna.net. The electronic submission form contains detailed instructions. The form must be completed in its entirety to be considered.   Please select your presentation from the following tracks:
  1. Arabic/Quranic Studies
  2. Islamic Studies & Character Building
  3. Curriculum & Instruction
  4. School Leadership (Board & Administration)
  Title of Proposed Session: The Title of the proposal should not exceed ten (10) words and should capture the essence of the presentation.   Abstract: The Abstract must be between 50-75 words. The abstract is a brief summary of the proposal (see below). If selected for presentation at the forum, this abstract will appear in the conference program.   Proposal: This is the full description of the presentation. The Proposal may not exceed 500 words. Proposals that are too short and lack details may be denied. Description of the presentation in outline format is an acceptable form for submission.   Contact Information: Indicate a contact person regarding this proposal with whom ISNA can communicate. If there is more than one speaker, the contact person will serve as the liaison between ISNA and the other speaker.   Brief Speaker Bio: Complete a brief bio for each speaker not to exceed 75 words. If selected to speak at the conference, the bio will appear in the conference program. The bio should include the presenter’s qualifications, experiences, published papers and awards and the current status or position. ISNA reserves the right to edit bios to meet the required word limit and correct typos.   Upon its submission, your proposal will be reviewed for completeness, and the contact person will receive a confirmation e-mail. Incomplete proposals may be disqualified. If the proposal is accepted, the presenter will be required to submit a complete presentation for publication in the program booklet. If the proposal is accepted, the presenter will be required to submit:
  • Complete paper/PowerPoint
  • Annotated bibliography
  Audio Visual Requests:
  • Overhead projector screens will be provided in every room.
  • Efforts will be made to fulfill other audiovisual requests.
  • Handouts are the responsibility of presenters.
  Accommodations for Presenters: Presenters (main speaker only) will be provided with shared hotel accommodation, meals, and complimentary conference registration. Please Note: Speakers MUST be present for the duration of the conference.

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For Further Information Please Call or E-Mail: Registration and Housing: (317) 839-8157 ext. 129 or convention@isna.net Bazaar and Sponsorship: (317) 839.8157 ext. 244 or akhan@isna.net Educational and Program Development: (317) 839.8157 ext. 814 or programs@isna.net