Staff members are listed by first names. Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad – Chaplains Services Department, Director and Endorsing Agent Adil Lakhani – Youth Programs and Services Department, Administrative Assistant  317-497-5823 Alaa Abdeldaiem – Youth Programs and Services Department, Regional Coordinator Anjum Khan – Convention Department, Assistant – Bazaar, Sponsorships, and Special Events 317-838-8131 Basharat Saleem – ISNA Executive Director 317-839-1808 Bayan Fares – Youth Programs & Services Department, Youth Sustainability & Development Coordinator Cassandra Lawrence – Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign,  Project & Communications Consultant  Catherine Orsborn – Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign, Director 202-544-8989 Diane Hummeid – Operations and Finance Administrator 317-839-1816, Fiyyaz Jaat – Youth Programs & Services Department, Director 317-838-8130 Ivana Zajkovska – Youth Programs & Services Department, MYNA Program Development 317-743-5460 Mohammad Khalid – ISNA Finance Department, Finance Project Manager Nina Fernando – Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign, Program Director Nuri Alam – ISNA Development Foundation, Electronic Funds Transfer Coordinator Omer Bin Abdullah – Communications Department, Islamic Horizons Editor 703-742-8108 703-464-7326 (fax) Sandra Moore – ISNA Development Foundation, Membership, Islamic Horizons, and Operations Assistant  317-204-0187 Tabasum Ahmad – Convention Department, Program Manager 317-838-8133 Shayan Bawaney – Youth Programs and Services Department, Marketing Coordinator