Programs and Services

Programs and Services

ISNA Youth Programming and Services Department and MYNA National are proud to present to our community a package of the state-of-the-art services that any local community can use to establish and/or enhance long-term youth programs that are founded on solid professional foundations and that are relevant to our youth’s and parents’ real life.

Parenting Workshops

Why do teens behave the way they do? How can we deal with their attitude and temperament? What goes on in their minds? YPSD/MYNA National has designed a series of workshops that aim to helping parents understand their youth and the world that these youth live in. The workshops have the following objectives:
  • Develop an understanding of youth emotional, psychological, and cognitive development during adolescence.
  • Develop an understanding of the different social factors that influence youth identity development such as media, virtual social networks and peer pressure.
  • Suggest best practices to dealing and communicating with youth.

Teachers Workshops

Besides the workshops offered to parents, YPSD offers teachers a series of lectures and workshops that aim to improving communications between school staff and students. These workshops are specially beneficial to school administrators, teachers, board members of Islamic full time and weekend schools.