MYNA Camps

All MYNA camps and programs are run by youth, ages 12-18, guided and supported by a selected group of trusted adults who are chosen for their experience and track record in youth work. ISNA YPSD and MYNA National will work with your community’s youth on organizing such camps and programs in your area. We will connect your youth with a National Network of qualified adult advisors and youth activists who have developed an extensive experience in organizing such events and who will coach and mentor your youth on how to set up successful camps and events so that they can develop their capacities as community leaders and activists TODAY, not tomorrow. The fact that these programs are run by the youth themselves is the reason why our youth have full ownership of our programs, which in turn impacts the quality of such programs. More than 98% of youth who participated in these programs were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality . More than 96% believed that the content of these programs was relevant or very relevant to their realities as Muslim American youth. These programs include camps, seminars, leadership workshops, father-son night, mother-daughter night, open discussion forums, concerts, community youth town hall meetings, MYNA Olympics amongst other projects and programs. For more information on camps and upcoming programs visit our website at or email us at