Young Professionals, Future Philanthropists



Empower young Muslim professionals, through training in philanthropic studies and leadership of nonprofit organizations, to engage with meaningful causes and organizations in their communities as volunteer leaders, and to bring positive change to society.


  • Feel empowered with enough information to serve on a local nonprofit board, and/or a committee.
  • Be able to connect existing community services with identified needs in the Muslim community and vice versa.
  • Understand several aspects of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.
  • Be able to raise money for causes important to them in their community.


“Young Professionals, Future Philanthropists” is an online webinar series that will reach out to different communities nationwide and engage participants in several topics covering:
  1. Introduction to Philanthropy
  2. Fundraising
  3. Board Leadership
  4. Volunteerism
  5. Organizational Leadership
  6. Taking Action
  7. Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
  8. Community Organizing
Upon completion of the program, participants will take part in a community service project, which will give them the opportunity to gain a hands-on experience in community engagement. In order to deliver an outstanding training in philanthropic studies and leadership of nonprofit organizations, ISNA has collaborated with Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy, which will be designing the curriculum and delivering it by well-known professors and instructors in the field. Cost: $500 (for 8 webinars, 90 minutes each) Seminars will conclude with a certificate for training in philanthropic studies and leadership of nonprofit organizations Time: 6pm – 7:30pm Dates of Webinars: Webinar #1: October 7 Webinar #2: October 14 Webinar #3: October 21 Webinar #4: November 11 Webinar #5: November 18 Webinar #6: November 25 Webinar #7: December 2 Webinar #8: December 9 To register for the program please click HERE Contact ISNA Development Foundation staff member Ali Khan at (317) 839-8157, ext. 126 or email at