Qira'at Competition

ISNA is organizing the National Qira’at Competition during its 55th Annual Convention on September 1-2, 2018 at the Hilton Americas Hotel on 1600 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010. The top three ranking participants in each category will receive gifts, cash awards or certificates of recognition. Pre-registered participants will be tested in the appropriate category and level. Category I (Memorization) Level 1: Memorization of the entire Holy Qur’an (Age: 18 and Under) Level 2: Memorization of 15 consecutive parts (juz’) from the Holy Qur’an (Age: 12 and Under) Category II (Reading) Level 1: Reading of the entire Holy Qur’an with proper Tajweed (Age: 18 and Under) Level 2: Reading from An-Nooraniyah (Age: 12 and Under) Please note: Qualified Scholars of Tajweed Al-Qur’an will judge the recitations. Rules of Eligibility: 1. Professional reciters and Tajweed teachers are ineligible to compete 2. Contestants are not allowed to re-compete in a category in which he/she has already won in a previous competition. They may participate in a higher category only. 3. Contestants cannot change his/her category after submitting the application. 4. Contestants will not be allowed to change the day or the location of testing. CONTACT: qiraat@isna.net or (317)839-8157 ext. 278
*Please submit a separate form for each participant. [formidable id=”12″]