Notice for 2017 General Assembly Meeting

In order to facilitate ISNA’s service to the community in the present day and decades to come, insha’Allah, the Board of Directors (Majlis ash Shura) working alongside and implementing recommendations of the Strategic Reorganization and Planning Committee has, through a super majority approval, approved an updated set of bylaws.   At the annual General Assembly meeting to be reconvened at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road, Rosemont, Illinois 60018, from 9 PM on Sunday, July 2, 2017, ISNA’s leadership will ask its members to vote FOR adopting the revised bylaws.   A summary of the revisions to the bylaws follows:  
  1. Update anachronistic terms with current terminology, including:
    • Refer to Majlis ash Shura as the Board of Directors
    • Replace references to Secretary General with Executive Director
    • Replace references to General Secretariat with Directorate
  2. Adopt a flat organizational governance structure, which results in the dissolution of the following:
    • House of Community Representatives (community voice to be present via a more inclusive and representative Advisory Council, see Item No. 3 below)
    • Constituent Organizations (representation to continue via the Advisory Council)
    • Executive Council (to be replaced by an Executive Committee, see Item No. 3 below)
    • Zonal Councils (by virtue of Executive Council being dissolved)
  3. Create the following:
    • Advisory Council – to consist of all existing constituent organizations and other organizations aligned with ISNA’s mission/vision
    • Executive Committee – officers of the Executive Committee will be President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer
  4. Through implementing these revisions, we are able to:
    • Reduce the board size to between 9 and 13 members
    • Create a mix of directors elected by the General Assembly and appointed by the Board, with the number of appointed members never exceeding the number of elected members.