Masjid Development


ISNA offers masjids a menu of workshops and other services to facilitate their growth and improvement. Expert trainers will come to your area to conduct full-day or half-day workshops on a variety of topics essential to masjids.


Creating the Welcoming, Inclusive, Dynamic Masjid (one-day workshop)

This workshop focuses on imparting researched recommendations for developing a community that is welcoming to all peoples especially young adults, inclusive of the entire community, women-friendly, and purpose-driven with loads of activities and increased volunteers. Workshop participants will develop their own plan for improving their masjid.

Good Governance for Masjids (one-day workshop)

This workshop provides templates and best practices for a masjid’s organizational structure, constitution, legal filings, financial and fund raising policies and practices, and operational procedures.

Developing a Green Masjid (half-day or full-day workshop)

This workshop provides the vision of an environmentally friendly masjid and Muslim community, and develops with participants a plan for reaching that goal of being a green masjid.

Envisioning a Women-Friendly Masjid (half-day or full-day workshop)

This workshop focuses on the issues of women and the masjid, offering recommendations for how to make your masjid more attractive and inclusive for women of all ages. Workshop participants develop a plan for making their masjid more women-friendly.


Board Training

ISNA experts will come to your masjid to conduct a training session for masjid leadership, including board members and executive committee members. Training includes best practices for how boards and executive committees should function and interact.

Strategic Planning Session

ISNA experts will come to your masjid to conduct a full strategic planning session with your leadership for the purpose of setting clear vision, mission, goals and objectives.

Constitution Review

ISNA experts will review your masjid’s constitution and offer written recommendations for improving the constitution.

Full Consultative Services

ISNA experts will come to your masjid to conduct an extensive review and survey of your masjid, and then in another visit conduct a session with masjid leadership to discuss recommendations for improving the masjid.

Trainers include (all are associated with ISNA’s Masjid Development Initiative):

Ihsan Bagby, PhD, researcher on the American masjid

Rafik Beekun, Professor of management and strategic planning

Hind Makki, Director, Interfaith Youth Core; Founder, Side Entrance

Edina Lekovic, former Director of Communications, MPAC

Sarah Sayeed, PhD, Senior Advisor, Community Affairs Unit, NYC

Mazen Asbahi, lawyer and activist in masjids

Atiyah Aftab, lawyer and former President of a masjid

Aishah al-Adawiya, Founder and President, Women in Islam

Nana Firman, Outreach Director, GreenFaith

Huda Kaff, Founder and Director, Wisconsin Green Muslims

Contact for more information Ihsan Bagby at