Lina Kholaki

Lina Kholaki has master degree in human development, adult teaching in California. She is certified as an ACTFL-OPI and WPT tester. Lina has been in the teaching field for the past 20+ years. She has experience teaching Arabic from K-16 college level. She began teaching Arabic at New Horizon Elementary-Middle School in Pasadena, where she remained on staff for thirteen years. In addition to teaching responsibilities she Created and organized an annual Arabic camp (Ya Marhaba) during winter breaks and after-school “Arabic Club.” Since 2001, Lina has been appointed by the Bureau of Islamic and Arabic Education and Aldeen foundation as language consultant and coordinator for Arabic teachers at the four New Horizon since 2001-present. She moved to teaching college level at Cal State San Bernardino 2006-2011, then she was appointed by University of Southern California as department coordinator and Arabic instructor 2011-2015. Currently she serves as consultant and instructional coach for LAUSD-Dual Immersion program at Elizabeth Learning Center in Los Angeles, California. Lina is the co-developer of “Hayya Natakalam Maan”, a landmark program for teaching Arabic language following the modern standards for young learners. She serves as president of National Arabic Teacher Association (NATA K-12) a nonprofit organization that Created as a forum for K-12 Arabic language teachers in public and private sector. She is Co-chair Southern California QFI Teacher Council “SCALTC”, serving Arabic language teachers in Southern California since 2013 and received the ACTFL Veteran Teacher of the Year Award- San Diego, CA in 2015.