ISNA Strongly Condemns Attacks on Palestinians in Al-Aqsa Mosque

April 16, 2022
Plainfield, IN
The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) strongly condemns the unprovoked and violent Israeli attacks on Palestinians in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in the Holy Month of Ramadan, which also coincides with Good Friday commemorations by the Christian communities in the Holy City. The attacks began when Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, encircled Palestinian worshippers, and violated the sanctity and peace of Islam’s third most sacred Mosque. Israeli police fired tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets with complete disregard for the worshippers and their sacred space. Police were seen beating and assaulting countless others, including journalists and women. In the aftermath, around 160 Palestinians were left wounded while hundreds were arrested.
Such acts of brutality deserve swift and categorical condemnation. They are in direct violation of international human rights law and go against the norms of acceptable human behavior. Houses of worship and the faithful who come together to worship there should never be targeted with such violence, especially during their holy seasons. We call on the international community to condemn Israel’s human rights abuses and ongoing violations of international law, and we call upon the Biden administration to make clear to its ally Israel that these types of actions are wrong, unacceptable, and need to cease. Steps must be taken to stop these ongoing assaults, and those responsible should be held accountable. ISNA further urges our friends among the American Jewish communities with whom we have a long history of working together with to confront issues of injustice and the evils of Xenophobia, Antisemitism, and Islamophobia, to pressure the Israeli government to put an end to these types of unconscionable actions. ISNA stands in solidarity with Palestinians who continue to resist a brutal military occupation and we fully support their right to freedom and self-determination.