ISNA Partners with IslamInSpanish on Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico causing significant damage and loss of power. According to several news reports, the hurricane was a category 4 and the strongest hurricane experienced in decades. ISNA has partnered with IslamInSpanish to raise funds for relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Imam Wesley Lebron from IslamInSpanish commented regarding the situation saying: “Puerto Rico has been devastated by hurricane Maria, leaving 100% of the country without electricity, a fuel problem causing lines as long as 12 hours or more for those who depend on gas for different things. Food is being rationed and they are only allowing 3 days of food max to be purchased by each household and this is for areas where food can still be found. “Water, the most essential component of life has ran out in some areas and people are facing starvation and lack proper hydration in weather that has reached 100 degrees. “Trucks are not delivering containers of needed supplies due to a diesel shortage and because Puerto Rico is under the Jones act, foreign assistance cannot reach them without approval of the United States, which has yet to be given to countries who may want to assist. “There are many citizens trapped in their cities due to levies breaking and mud slides. NO HELP has reached them as of yet. There are many old, sick, and disabled with no one to help or aid them. Some have even died and there is no where to bury them. “Many hospitals, clinics, and key airports were damaged, thereby further creating a humanitarian crisis that has not been seen in decades. “Puerto Rico is in DESPERATE NEED of our financial assistance! Please donate generously” May Allah SWT bless and reward you and your families for your generous support of those in need. Click here to donate online to ISNA Hurricane Maria Relief Fund or you may also send a check to: ISNA, Hurricane Maria Relief, PO Box 808, Plainfield, IN 46168