ISNA Founding Member Ahmed Adam honored at the American Muslim Consumer Conference

On Saturday, November 17th,  at the 4th Annual American Muslim Consumers Conference, a platform that helps represent Muslim consumers and helps promote Muslim businesses and entrepreneurs, ISNA founder Ahmed Adam will be receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Ahmed Adam, president and CEO of Crescent Foods is a distinguished leader in Halal Poultry manufacturing. With an engineering degree and extensive experience of building businesses from the ground up, he founded Crescent Foods in 1995 to supply the highest quality of grain-fed, antibiotic free, Halal chicken products to the growing US markets. Crescent Foods integrated its founders Islamic principles into its business model. For years Crescent Foods has been supplying high quality Halal chicken while firmly upholding a unique business model epitomizing the Islamic Values and ethical leadership of the CEO behind it. Crescent Foods continues to lead, grow and serve the Muslim Consumers. Crescent’s branded products are on Wal-Mart shelves and other mainstream outlets, in addition to a variety of ethnic stores. Adam is also the driving force behind the formation of the American Halal Association in 2009, a non-profit trade association to grow, strengthen and serve the Halal industry in North America. He is also the Executive Director of Halalconnect; a new consumer-Halal-Industry magazine. ISNA has been fortunate to be the recipient of his dedication and generosity as an ISNA founder. Ahmed Adam has received the distinguished award for Best Halal Products presented to him at the World Halal Forum. He is also an active member of the Muslim community of Chicago. Ahmed is well-known and respected for his work for Islam, both at the national and local level.