ISNA Founders' Committee

The mission of the ISNA Founders Committee (IFC) is to support ISNA and ISNA Development Foundation (IDF) by serving as advisors, helping ISNA’s strategic priorities, and creating a sound financial base needed by ISNA to serve the Muslim community and society at large, independently and perpetually. IFC will also promote the role of philanthropy in the Muslim community.


At the 1988 Annual Convention Meeting a group of committed donors convened by the then Pres. Shaikh Zaki Hammad & Sect. General Dr.Iqbal Unus decided to hold a Donors Recognition Luncheon at each convention and present a formal plaque of Life Membership to major donors.

In 1994 the Majlis Ash-Shura formed IDF as the formal fund raising entity, with dedicated staff & to be headed by an Exec. Director, Br.Ahmed ElHattab, who was acting Sect.General since 1990. Following the establishment of IDF the Founders Committee was officially created. In the year 2000, what used to be called the Founders Luncheon became the Community Service Recognition Luncheon in honor of Dr. Mehboob Khan in honor of his outstanding community service. At the ISNA Strategic Planning Retreat in 2003, ‘Establishing a sound financial base’ was named as priority number three. And at this Retreat the Founders committee was assigned the task in addition to CSRL of supervising the main session of Saturday evening. Over the years the donors group came to be known by various names with current designation ‘ISNA Founders’ Committee.’ The first formal retreat of the group was held in April 2005 in Chicago.

ISNA Founders’ Members

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  • Active/Life ISNA Member
  • Annual donation of a significant and substantial amount
  • Agrees with the vision and mission of IFC
  • Invited by current members
  • Attends the Annual Retreat
  • Executes a ‘Conflict of interest statement’
  • Executes a ‘Confidentiality agreement’

Community Service Recognition Awards