ISNA Denounces Terrorist Attack in Peshawar

March 6, 2022
Plainfield, Indiana

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) denounces in the strongest of terms the recent act of terror on a Shia mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan. The attack took place on Friday when worshippers were congregated for the jummah prayer, and it took the lives of at least 61 and injured countless others. This callous and evil act of terror was claimed by the criminal organization ISIS, a group with a long history of terrorizing civilians.

ISNA Executive Director, Basharat Saleem, said, “We condemn this sectarian divide and senseless attack in the strongest of terms.” We at ISNA pray for the innocent lives that were lost. May Allah welcome them into His garden with love and mercy, and may He give comfort to the families who lost their loved ones. We also hope that the perpetrators are swiftly apprehended and that justice is served for their villainy. None should live in fear because of their religious beliefs and practices.

Let us also take this time to send our love and prayers to our Shiite brothers and sisters who are hurting and in need of our support. May Allah protect them, elevate our faith in Him, and strengthen our efforts at repelling evil in this world.