Groundbreaking Ceremony at Joplin, MO Masjid

In August of 2012, a horrific fire burned down the entire mosque of the Islamic Society of Joplin. Today, we are more than happy to update you on the recent groundbreaking ceremony held to rebuild the Joplin, Missouri mosque. The ceremony took place on July 27th, 2013 during which Br. Ahmed Elhattab, Executive Director of ISNA Development Foundation, shared heartfelt remarks: “Due to its long-lasting relationships, ISNA was able to call upon one of its long-time donors and supporters – Br.Hamid Shekih – for help. Br. Hamid sheikh generously offered to help rebuild this Joplin mosque, saying “I pray and look forward to the ground breaking of a monumental House of Allah, the sooner the better.” Today, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah swt, Br. Hamid’s vision, and that of others who helped, has become a reality.” The Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Mosque Trust Fund is being used to build this mosque and honors Br. Hamid Sheikh’s mother, Marhooma Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh. Sr. Razia was a pious, kind-hearted and generous woman, who performed Hajj while disabled. She was not formally educated, yet she educated all her eight children. May Allah reward her abundantly. This mosque, rebuilt in honor of Br. Hamid’s mother, gives the community a renewed opportunity to move forward and begin afresh with a new building, bearing a new Islamic identity. ISNA’s President, Imam Mohamed Magid and ISNA leadership shares their congratulation on this blessed new beginning. Our heartfelt gratitude and prayers to Br. Hamid Sheikh, who confidentially rose to the occasion. Similarly, to all the brothers and sisters who helped in various ways, their true reward is from Allah (SWT), InshaAllah. Elhattab was more than honored to be part of the ceremony and reminded the community, “Please know that ISNA is with you, and for you, on this blessed day, and for years to come.”