Dalia El-Deeb

Dalia El-Deeb graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine in 1986. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Immunology in 1989. She completed her residency at the National Cancer Institute of Cairo, where she submitted a thesis for Doctorate Degree in Oncologic Laboratory Medicine on 1996. Dr. El-Deeb moved to Florida with her family in 1998. Dr. El-Deeb occupied a number of positions in Islamic/Qur’an education since then. She published a series of Islamic Studies books for Elementary students and presented in a number of educational forums and workshops for professional development of Qur’an teachers in several US states, as well as in Cairo, Jeddah, and Dubai. Dr. El-Deeb carries an Ijazah with Sanad of Qur’an recitation according to the narration of Hafs upon Imam Aasim. She owes her Qur’an Education to her teachers in Egypt (Ustatha Zainab Helmy Qutb, Sheikh Mohammad Fuaad, and Ustatha Mervat Saber) and to Sheikh Mohammad Farooq Al Raee, the founder of the Nourania method and head of the Furqan Center for Qur’an Education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Currently, Dr. El-Deeb is the director of the Hifdh program at Bayaan Academy of Tampa, FL, and director of Ahlul-Qur’an Academy providing Qur’an education for children and adults in Tampa, FL and statewide. She is also the Chairman of Nourania Instruction and Certification in North America.